Videos and Photos for Your Ad.

Have you ever wondered what to include on the video and photos for your sale horse? I have a few tips that can help you along the way.

Most people shopping for a new horse want to see a recent video of the horse doing the job it is being advertised for. For example, if you are selling a dressage horse, you could shoot a video of that horse performing a dressage test at the appropriate level. If you have a jumper, create a video of the horse being jumped around a course of fences set at the appropriate height, etc…

Be sure to groom your horse properly, tail and all. The person riding/handling should have clean, professional turnout as well (clean boots, saddle, breeches, shirt, & HELMET). Showing a video of your horse with a helmet-less rider in this day and age may cause them to move along to the next listing.

For the photos, take a few conformation photos. Front, Back, Both Sides and an attractive head shot. You should also take photos of all four hooves. These are important to prospective buyers.

Here are some basic tips to help you with your sales video:
NOTE: Upload your video to YouTube. They are easy to share and you can add your YouTube link directly into the description on any ad you post on this site.

  • Keep it short. 8 minutes max!
  • Be honest. Show off your horse’s best features, but don’t hide the negatives.
  • Do a practice run. Check lighting and different angles and set up the arena accordingly.
  • Use a tripod (like this one). They’re inexpensive and much better than a shaky hand.
  • Use a good angle. Shoot the video at eye level to get the best view of your horse’s movement.
  • Clean up. Remove extra jumps and drag the arena before you begin.
  • Don’t make comments. Let your horse’s performance do the talking!
  • Use Proper Grooming. Have the horse & rider neatly turned out.
  • Use Proper Attire. The rider should have “horse-show hair” with a helmet, a neutral colored polo or sweater, tucked in with a belt, breeches and tall boots.

Here are a few examples to view:

This is a video I shot performing the level my horse is capable of:

This next video is at an actual competition:

In this next video I show how easy my sale horse is to load in the trailer:

Good Luck and Happy Selling!

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