Marketing Materials for Your Business

Marketing materials are printed materials that business owners use to promote their companies and services. Solstice Marketing + Design can help you build your presence!

Above is a clean, clear logo that easily reproduces in print, embroidery or on promotional materials like coffee mugs and buttons.

Here are four main types of marketing materials:

  1. Paper Marketing Materials
    Examples: brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards, menus, sales sheets, etc.
  2. Promotional Marketing Materials
    Examples: t-shirts, mugs, calendars, pens, gift certificates, event tickets, keychains, etc.
  3. Stationery
    Examples: letterhead, greeting cards, invitations, envelopes, address labels, rubber stamps, etc.
  4. Signs & Banners
    Examples: banners, lawn signs, posters, bumper stickers, window decals, etc.
Above is an example of a 4-panel informational brochure designed for a prestigious Equine Veterinarian clinic.

Every business owner or entrepreneur should use marketing materials for the following:

    1. Inform customers about your business
    2. Actively get more customers in your local area
    3. Put together a marketing package for potential investors
    4. Promote an upcoming event or product/store launch
    5. Promote your business at conferences, conventions or job fairs
    6. Create positive customer service experiences and build customer/client relationships


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